Whether you’re a business owner or a facility manager, ESPRO EV charging solutions are here to redefine the way you approach electric mobility.


The International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts that up to 250 million electric vehicles could be on the road globally by 2030. To facilitate this massive shift from old-fashioned ICE vehicles to future-forward EVs, reliable and accessible public EV charging infrastructure becomes more necessary than ever.


Supporting EV Ownership

A well-designed network ensures that EV drivers have easy access to charging stations, making the ownership experience smoother and more enjoyable.


Addressing Range Anxiety

A comprehensive public charging network alleviates this anxiety, promoting EV adoption by assuring drivers of available charging stations.


Promoting Economic Growth

Investing in public EV charging infrastructure can create jobs and stimulate economic growth while fufilling a need in the customer market.


Enabling Equitable Access

Ensuring that disadvantaged communities have equal opportunities in the global transition to clean electric transportation.


Commercial EV Charging Stations

Your business can be at the forefront of the green movement with ESPRO’s commercial EV charging solutions. Whether you own a retail center, shopping mall, or other commercial space, offering EV charging services attracts environmentally conscious customers while lengthening their dwell time.

Increase foot traffic, engage shoppers, and leave a lasting impact with our intelligently designed charging stations.

Workplace EV Charging Solutions

Attract and retain top talent while promoting sustainability with ESPRO’s workplace EV charging solutions. Provide employees with a seamless charging experience during their work hours, enhancing job satisfaction and reducing range anxiety.

Our EV OS empowers you to manage and customize your charging network, offering the employee benefit that sets your workplace apart.


Unlock the Power of ESPRO EV OS

ESPRO EV OS is your gateway to a future-focused EV charging network. With seamless integration and intelligent management capabilities, you can provide efficient and hassle-free charging experiences.

Whether you’re part of an established network or looking to set one up, ESPRO’s OCPP compatibility ensures that your public’s EV charging infrastructure aligns perfectly with the industry’s standards.


Access Code

Grant users personalized access codes, ensuring secure and controlled charging. Prioritize convenience and security while fostering a sense of ownership.


Smart Energy Management

Seamlessly optimize your EV charging stations to align with grid conditions, load demands, and pricing structures.


User Management

Efficiently manage user profiles, track session history, and offer tailored pricing plans. Strengthen user engagement, build loyalty, and contribute to a thriving EV community.


Load Management

With real-time monitoring and dynamic load adjustments, you can maintain operational efficiency and provide seamless charging experiences, even during peak usage periods.

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