Automotive & Dealership Solutions

Integrate EV charging with your dealership. Improve the sales of electric vehicles and meet brand demands for on-site charging with hands-off management and a 99.9% software uptime guarantee.


We Have The Experience and Expertise

We work with world-class OEMs to offer EV charging that’s fast, reliable, and easy to manage. Offer electric vehicle charging infrastructure, systems, and services on-site.

As your business and EV offerings grow, it’s easy to scale your EV charging with ESPRO EV OS. Add more chargers, change pricing on the fly, or create an integrated charging network from local dealerships.

ESPRO EV OS: Powering Dealerships​

ESPRO EV OS improves efficiency and provides maintenance-free operation. Our innovative solution integrates with other business systems, ensuring the smoothest possible operation and providing in-depth insight. Combined with our innovative add-on services, your site can be developed to its fullest potential.

Hands-off Station Management

Charging stations are connected to the cloud automatically managed.


Dealership Network

Connect dealerships within the group for a single network


Centralized Data

Get clear data on charging usage, energy consumption, and user behavior


98% Uptime Guarantee

Automatic diagnostics keep chargers generating revenue and minimize labor costs.


Membership Management

Give loyal customers loyalty programs for their EV charging


Scalable and Flexible

Tailor our smart solutions to meet the specific requirements of each dealership

From The Dealership, All The Way Home

ESPRO provides car dealerships with turnkey electric vehicle charging solutions. Our hands-off management platform and commitment to offering highly reliable charging solutions enhance the overall customer experience.

We are a leading provider of level 2 AC and level 3 fast DC charging stations. With seamless integration and fully autonomous operation, ESPRO commercial EV high chargers offer complete EV charging solutions.

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